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Refund checks are ready to pick up

This post expired on October 20, 2014.

Greetings All…and thank you to everyone for your patience. I now have your refund checks written and ready for you to pick up at Giardini Trattoria. But, a note first…

Many people have commented to me that they would like to have their account money donated to Outreach Ministries as a way to contribute to the local food scene in a different way. I am all for this, but getting in touch with everyone and finding out who would like to do that is too time consuming. Therefore…here’s what we can do. If you would like to donate your check, simply do not come in to pick it up! Any funds left in the account after Dec 1st will be given to Outreach as a Christmas donation. I will send in an article to the Tryon Bulletin with everyone’s name mentioned as donors from our Locally Grown CSA so you will know that it has been done. I know they will really appreciate the gesture!

For anyone else…your checks will be waiting at the front counter to pick up during our regular business hours (Tues 11:30 – 4:00, Wed-Sat 11:30 – 8:00). I will ask you to sign for the check when you pick it up, just so I can keep track of things easier.

Thank you so much, once again, for your support of local food. I hope that a new resource for this program will appear in the future so this work can be continued!

Best Wishes to All,